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You can michaelchakraexpect calmness of mind, a healthier body, an intense feeling of wellbeing, and mental and emotional clarity, as the cumulative result of your 10 days of deep rejuvenation. You’ll not only cleanse and replenish your physical self, you’ll also make perhaps the strongest connection you’ve ever made with your spiritual self… the ultimate source of all clarity, healing and happiness. With this renewed energy and motivation you take these benefits back to your “every day life” to create meaningful and effective changes. 

Ten Days That Will Revitalise and Remotivate You
A typical day begins before sunrise with early morning yoga and meditation followed by a nourishing Balinese breakfast. The comprehensive seminar and chakra program starts at 9am with free time in the afternoon. Time for socialising, heavenly massages, shopping, enjoying the many benefits of the very favourable currency exchange rate or exploring and connecting to the soul of Bali.

Learn Important Life Skills!
The chakras and the kundalini are the main energy system that runs from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They were discovered more than 5,000 years ago in ancient India and form the basis of yoga today.  The chakras are energy points that reflect your physical, emotional and  psychological condition. By energising, balancing and harmonising the energetic centres of your body and psyche, you not only feel better but also permanently change long held limiting psychological and emotional patterns of behaviour.

Michael Adamedes

Michael has been a clinical psychotherapist in private practice since 1982. His own inner journey has taken him from his studies in Morocco under the enlightened master Ahmid Sufi, through two years with yogi Satyananda, to more than twenty years practice in meditation. He is an astute detective of the unconscious mind. Within the first hour of counselling a client, he can usually identify their patterns of self-limiting thinking and the causes of their self- sabotaging behaviours. He has created and developed Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing©, a highly effective therapy for releasing a person’s negative psychological and emotional patterns.

Many of his clients have experienced a transformation from being alone and unhappy to falling in love and finding their soul mate, from never having a cent in the bank to being able to buy investment properties, or from being constantly depressed and disillusioned with life to being vital and happy.



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  • Tuition, workbook, comprehensive  interactive chakra program
  • 10 nights’ shared accommodation
  • All vegetarian meals
  • daily yoga  class
  • daily meditation class
  • Day at Maya Spa
  • Visit to the temple
  • White-water rafting
  • optional detoxifying program.
  • 6 paired energy breathing sessions
  • Shopping and  sightseeing
  • and  more



CHAKRA BALI will be held on 2-12th September 2017. Click here to make a booking.

VENUE: Ananda Cottages, Ubud, Bali


  • $6,995
  • Early bird $5,995 when paid in full by 1st January.
  • Or $6695 when paid by June 1st 2015.
  • Payment plan available
  • Airfare is not included
  • Deposit: $800 


Email or call Michael

  • T : (02) 4362 9910                                     baliparticipants                                                          
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